A Full View of Your Activities

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A Blunt Overview

Quickly identify possible route deviations.

Get an instant overview of your entire company, for a team or a specific computer.

Activities Details

Have a detailed view of the activities performed on the computers configured at each moment of the day, grouped as Productive, Neutral and Distractions.

The information will be available from anywhere, in real time.

Auto Alerts: fewer impressions, more facts

Stop wasting time and money on micro-management and individual follow-up.

Let the real-time automated alerts notify you in case of excessive distractions.

You receive them by email and the system interface itself.

No activity lost!

Were you away for a few moments from the computer but were you working? Don't worry.

We automatically identify absences and allow Meetings, Attendance, Support for Colleagues, etc... to be recorded in a flash, as soon as you return.

Optionally you can include a message or not to register the absence, if it is not related to the work.

Timelines: a new perspective

Want to have a broader view of activities to just knock your eye out and see that everything is OK?

With timelines you can visualize activities in a macro way, identifying in seconds deviations or unwanted behavior.

Fine tuned for your needs

We bring thousands of pre-registered applications and sites.

However, you can customise your way, according to your needs and criteria, by team or company-wide.

Get Insights: Know where time is spent

Ever wondered where all the hours spent last week were? How about last month?

Have this and other answers now that the data is accessible.

Weekly and Monthly Reports

We believe that micro-management is harmful for any business.

That's why we send weekly and monthly reports directly to your email, so follow up can be done in a macro and in a few seconds.

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